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Athlete Testimonials

Real Reviews from the World's Best

Jose "Shorty" Torres

UFC Veteran | 7x World Champion

Sport is 90% mental, if not more! MindLock prepared me mentally to get my last win, and prepared me not just for the fight, but for the weeks leading up to the fight. I was the best I could possibly be! I can't wait for what's next!

Johnny Eblen

Bellator Middleweight Champion

MindLock really helped my mental game. Having a mental coach has kept me on point with my goals and has me improving every week!

Khamica Bingham

2x Canadian Olympian | Track & Field

In order for us to compete at our best, it is more mental than it is physical. If you want to get to an even higher level, this program is for you!

Jazzy Parr

Australian Muay Thai & Boxing Champion

I'm so thankful to have come across MindLock when I did. It was perfect timing for me to get all the right tools for my upcoming fight, and with that help I got the win! I highly recommend getting started with this program if you're an elite athlete looking to separate from the pack!

Lloyd McKinney

Professional MMA Fighter

MindLock has transcended my training as a mixed martial artist and as a person. If you listen to the program and apply the methods and techniques, you see results, you feel results, you fully experience results. I would encourage any serious athlete to incorporate this into their regime.

Alton Cunningham

Professional MMA Fighter

MindLock has helped me on a personal and professional level throughout the duration of my athletic career. I can't thank them enough, and I look forward to the future!

Leah Letson

UFC Fighter | TUF 28 Semi-Finalist

I am so thankful for MindLock helping me tackle the mental hurdles that not enough athletes address. I was able to quickly target areas of improvement and build the tools to develop them. Working on this has led to a drastic increase in self-esteem and confidence that I carry with me both inside and outside of training.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Mental Training Journey Begins!

    • Let's Get Started!

    • What To Expect

    • Mobile Access: Download The App

  • 2

    The Baseline Assessment

    • Establishing a Baseline

    • Important Note Prior To Completion

    • The MindLock Mental Skills Baseline Assessment

    • Interpreting Your Scores

    • Interpretation Guide

    • Practice: Journaling

    • How Should I Journal?

    • Guide to Journaling Template

  • 3

    Lesson 1: Champion Goal-Setting

    • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • Activity: Performance Goal-Setting

    • A New Way of Goal Setting

    • Activity: Attitude Goal-Setting

    • Practice: Goals Checklist

  • 4

    Lesson 2: Mastering Self-Talk

    • Rewiring Your Brain Using Positive Self-Talk

    • Practice: Positivity Triggers

    • How to Complete the Activity

    • Activity: Mastering Self-Talk

    • Self-Talk Cheat Sheet

    • A Story of Self Talk

  • 5

    Lesson 3: Performer Identity

    • Channeling Your Performer Self

    • Identity Statement Sheet

    • How to Complete the Activity

    • Activity: Identity Statements Sheet

    • Identity Statements Cheat Sheet

    • Identifying Your Routine

    • How to Complete the Activity

    • Activity: Creating a Performance Routine

    • Practice: Mental Warmup

  • 6

    Lesson 4: Meditation & Awareness

    • Learning to Meditate: The Key to Self-Awareness

    • Practice: Calming the Mind

    • Introduction to Sequence Visualization

    • How to Complete the Activity

    • Activity: Pre-Game Visualization

    • Practice: Paint on the Blank Slate

  • 7

    Lesson 5: Meditation, Imagery, and Visualization (Part II)

    • Focusing on The Process

    • How to Complete the Activity

    • Activity: Process Visualization

    • Practice: Ten Minute Timer

  • 8

    Lesson 6: Real-World Applications

    • Professional Case Studies: Learning from the Best

    • Case Study 1: Khamica

    • Case Study Quiz: Khamica Bingham

    • Case Study 2: Jose

    • Case Study Quiz: Jose "Shorty" Torres

    • Case Study 3: Akmal

    • Case Study Quiz: Akmal Farah

  • 9

    The Moment You've Been Waiting For!

    • Returning to the Baseline

    • The MindLock Mental Skills Baseline Assessment

    • Interpretation Guide

    • Navigating Your Progress

  • 10

    Growing From Here

    • Continuing Your Mental Training Journey

    • The Winning Difference

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What's Included

Here's what's included when you enrol in The Mindset Variable: Mental Training for Champions.

  • Video Coaching Lessons

  • Extensive Training Activities

  • Tactical Exercises

  • Professional Case Studies

  • Cognitive Baseline Assessments

  • Access to MindLock Athlete Community

  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

Organizations using 'The Mindset Variable'

Our Partners:

Meet Your Instructor:

Mental Performance Coach

Dylan Nadler

Founder of MindLock, Dylan Nadler is a mental performance coach to some of the most successful athletes around the world. Trusted by stars in organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, Olympics, NCAA and more, Dylan has become one of the most sought out mental coaches in elite sport. As the former captain of the Canadian national Taekwondo team with a world ranking in the top-40, Dylan delves into his rich athletic experience to provide a training system that is grounded in real-world applications for the modern-day athlete.

Ratings & Reviews

5 star rating

Great course for people looking to enable peak performance

John Nguyen

I enjoyed everything about the course! When training physically it is important to be structured in what you're doing to keep track of your progress and resu...

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I enjoyed everything about the course! When training physically it is important to be structured in what you're doing to keep track of your progress and results, and Dylan does that so well in this mental training course. Thank you and appreciate your work! 5 stars for me

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5 star rating

My review of the intro content

Hotpocket Moutaindew

So far I really like this. At least with the journaling aspects it really helps you become your own detective. At the start there is a baseline measurement w...

Read More

So far I really like this. At least with the journaling aspects it really helps you become your own detective. At the start there is a baseline measurement where the questions aren't difficult, and the way it's worded makes it really easy to think about. There's a ton of content, but I like the structure which makes it easy to take on.

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  • Once I purchase the course, how long do I have access to the content?

    Forever! The content in this course will always be accessible after purchase.

  • Do I need to be a professional athlete to benefit from this online training course?

    Not at all! While MindLock trains a multitude of professional athletes, mental skills should be developed as early on in your career as possible.

  • What happens if I have specific questions I'd like answered throughout this training course?

    If you have a question, concern, or even a burning thought, reach out to [email protected] for a helping hand!

  • Can I benefit from this course without having any areas of mental weakness?

    This training course is about building and strengthening the foundation that matters most - your mental game! If you've already got the tools, great! This course will help sharpen your skills, deepen your learning, and keep you ahead of the pack.

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Founded in 2018, MindLock has become the authority in mental training for high-performance athletes. With members spanning over 50 cities and 10 countries, professionals around the world choose MindLock to access their peak performance potential.

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